Found Object Art

Whilst out walking I pick up discarded manmade items, use them to create with or discard appropriately, thus reducing the impact on the environment & marine life.


i am known to create artworks insitu, leaving them for people to encounter on their walks (Land Art).


Some found objects, are washed &  then by placing them in a different context become “Readymade Artworks” 


Metal & fabric found on abandoned, broken up boat, Charlestown Harbour Fife. This sculpture will be displayed at CAP, LSA enf of year show June 2024


Plastic bag collage, Dirleton Beach, photographed then disposed of plastic


Rubber tubing from lobster pot, Land Art, near Drift, North Berwick




Found sole on digital printed calico, 30x30cm frame

Fabric from abandoned boat, manipulated onto a canvas 


Abandoned trolley wheel & kelp, in 30x30 cm frame


Readymade - piece of driftwood, picked up on Musselburgh Beach


“Lace” created by layering latex liquid onto concrete block encrusted with barnacles


Daises found by the coast, dried on mussel shell ink, digital image of land art

Digital image of driftwood collected within small area post storm, Musselburgh Beach


Readymade- piece of plastic found in mud at Musselburgh Harbour


Detritus wall hanging, made for LSA walkabout


Digital image of glass & plastic from broken boat window


Collage created using sail material & other beach found objects, including a domino!! 36X36 cm

Lady created using sea glass & beach twine, acrylic background (Sold)

Screws & daises with acrylic background on canvas. 40 x 40 cm (Sold)