Seaweed Art

I am exploring seaweed as an art material. The seaweed is harvested sustainably, in the main whist floating at the waters edge, in accordance with Scottish Seaweed Harvesting Guidelines. 

I would like to invites you to view my seaweed artworks  & consider your own relationship with seaweed.

Pressed Seaweed Mono Prints

These unique A1 prints were created by pressing the seaweed through large printmaking press.  The process left the preserved seaweed pressed into the paper & released natural dyes to creates unusual textured prints.

The following are digital images were created as artist proofs. 

Sugar Kelp, Longniddry Bents 1

Kelp & red algae, Longniddry Bents 2

Kelp, Longniddry Bents 3

Wrack & red algae, Longniddry Bents 4

Kelp & Sea Lettuce,  Longniddry Bents 5

Wrack & Red Algae, Longniddry Bents 6

Kelp & Wrack, Longniddry Bents 7

Serrated Wrack, Longniddry Bents 8

Kelp & sea spaghetti, Longniddry Bents9

Kelp, Longniddry Bents 10

Kelp, Longniddry Bents 11


Hand Pressed Mono Prints

Hand pressed red algae with natural dye

wash background, A2

Sea lettuce with natural dye wash background A3

Kelp Sculptures


Using air dried Kelp & Bladderwrack, slowly manipulated into shape, then intertwined to create the final design.  

Some sculptures incorporate manmade materials, as unfortunately these items are commonly found alongside or tangled in the seaweed. 

Dried kelp, large wall hanging 110x40cms


Small kelp floral sculpture with bioplastic discs.


Dried kelp wrapped around found hanging basket frame. Now a hanging lamp.


Dried Bladderwrack intertwined around found car wheel hubcap wire 40cm diameter 


Seaweed & found item collage,mounted  on a panel 13 x 76 cm

ClickKelp & ghost fishing line bouquet wall hanging.


Kelp stipe & blade freestanding sculpture (Sold)


Part of discarded trolley, intertwined dried kelp Stipes & dried fish eggs